Erin Hargrove, Director of Business Development & Growth Strategy

Erin brings a wealth of expertise to Lakeside HR Group, encompassing sales, human resources, employee benefits, training and development, and technology. She’s worked across various industries from finance to the public sector to legal and insurance. A known presenter and facilitator on trending topics in HR, Erin is an effective communicator with a proven capability to improve efficiency, enhance brand recognition, and create enthusiasm. With a master’s in organizational leadership/strategic management and a bachelor’s in communications, she has the unique ability to identify and organize information and build relationships.

As the mom of two boys, she is often found on the bleachers cheering for various sports and enjoys golfing with her husband during warmer months. She also serves as a Lead Voice for the organization Ready.Set.Pivot and sits on the board for her local basketball association.


Erin Hargrove
Director of Business Development & Growth Strategy

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