Many have asked me, “Why did you start Lakeside HR Group?”

It’s a valid question, especially given my 25+ years of navigating a successful corporate career, even reaching the CHRO level. Yet, despite achieving all of this, I found myself unfulfilled with an itch to do more.

As I started thinking about entrepreneurship, I reached out to past colleagues, team members, and mentors. Through these conversations, one thing became very clear: I had a strong passion for demonstrating the true value HR and recruiting can contribute, not only to a company’s overall operation, but also to the bottom line.

For me, HR wasn’t just about compliance; it was about transformation. I wanted to show leaders that HR was not a gatekeeper, we are a facilitator, a partner.

Instead of leading from a place of “no,” I wanted a more collaborative approach, by saying, “help me understand what you’re trying to achieve.” HR needed to be seen as problem solvers and value adders. I started to see there were so many small to midsize businesses that needed a genuine HR partner to help them move their businesses forward.

Ribbon Cutting for Lakeside HR Group
Kristin Norlings Story

Left to right: Becky Foy, Georgia Powell, Angie Fischer, Erin Hargrove, Kristin Nordling

Today, Lakeside HR Group has a team of experienced fractional HR consultants and recruiters bringing their many years of experience and expertise to our clients.

The outcomes speak for themselves—our clients have experienced accelerated growth, streamlined their HR processes, improved both the employee and candidate experiences. Lakeside HR Group has become the trusted partner for founders, owners and business leaders.

There has been nothing more satisfying in my career than to see the impact we have had with our clients and knowing they trust us. I know now, I have found my place, my mission, my purpose and I am so excited to have an amazing team surrounding me on this journey.

– Kristin Nordling, Founder, Lakeside HR Group
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