Heather Kaasa, Recruiting Division Director

Heather Kaasa is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in counseling, career development, and recruiting in higher education and corporate settings. Heather currently serves as Recruiting Director at Lakeside HR Group.

With a strong passion for career development, Heather is committed to helping individuals make well-informed decisions about their professional futures. She takes a holistic, informed choice approach to help guide people on their career journeys focusing on finding the best fit, identifying drivers, and understanding motivators.

Heather is actively pursuing a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision demonstrating her unwavering commitment to helping empower others reach their full potential.

In her current role as Recruiting Director, she leverages her unique skill set and extensive experience to identify and cultivate talent, fostering collaborative relationships between individuals and organizations. Heather Kaasa is an asset to Lakeside HR Group, where she contributes her expertise to enhance talent acquisition and promote organizational excellence.

Heather Kaasa

Heather Kaasa
Recruiting Division Director

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