It is so easy to stay in the office – skip the networking events, eat lunch at your desk, avoid in person seminars. I get it, we are all so busy and it takes away that critical work time. Especially if you are like me and can never feel caught up.

I am so glad I didn’t skip events this week. I have a new energy and feel recharged, it was just what I needed. I had the opportunity to attend two in person events – reconnecting and meeting so many talented individuals! It reminded me how important it is to get out of the office and spend quality time with others.

I attended the September HR Executive Forum (HREF). It was so much fun to learn and watch my good friend & mentor Eric Harkins do his thing, teaching us all how to “NOT be the leader who makes Monday mornings suck.” It was amazing to be back with my HREF friends and I am excited to be a member again!

Eric Harkins
empowering women in the workplace

The most inspiring part of my week, participating in the MN Gallagher event moderated by my favorite human, Erin Hargrove. We listened and learned from Kristin Gaarder, SPHR, Julie Garrison, Tricia Mason Dege and Alicia Huckleby on their view on the importance of empowering women in the workplace. These women are the epitome of women supporting women! My favorite takeaway, showing vulnerability does not have to be a sign of weakness – it can be about being courageous and putting yourself out there!

So now, I have a new goal for myself, get out of my office and engage, learn and be with people! I challenge you to get out too and let me know what you learn!