Identifying strategies to influence and drive positive change.

Let’s face it. If you magnify something, you’ll find a flaw. The same applies to an organization’s culture.

Looking can reveal cracks in the foundation. Pain points. Dysfunction. Misaligned values. Are you frowning? Turn that frown upside down—these are opportunities for improvement!

Any seasoned HR practitioner has heard it all, fill in the blank…Our organization has:

  • high turnover,
  • poor communication,
  • unhealthy work-life balance,
  • bad management styles,
  • and the list goes on.

We are happy to report that by identifying core issues or inconsistencies, an organization can course correct.

We get it. This is hard. Looking in the mirror is always difficult. This is our sweet spot within Lakeside HR Group’s consulting division. We partner with clients to assess their organization’s culture and quickly identify strategies to influence and drive positive change.

We are firm believers culture starts at the top of an organization.

Leaders, we’re looking at you. You drive culture. Plain and simple. Either walk the walk and talk the talk or hinder your organization’s ability to grow and prosper.

Ask Stakeholders to Assess These 3 Areas That Influence Company Culture

It’s important to gather feedback and insights from key stakeholders. Who are the drivers and builders within the company? These leaders set the stage and vision for the future. Ask them the following questions:

1. Safety

Is the environment safe?

Do employees feel valued?

Do they have a sense of belonging?

This is essential for overall employee well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity. Organizations need to encourage open, honest communication and create a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Safety also includes basic physical environment safety.

2. Vulnerability

Is your organization fostering a culture of openness and continuous improvement?

Does your organization invest in its employees and their development?

Vulnerability starts at the top. Again, leaders, we’re looking at you. When employees feel vulnerable at work, they are more likely to express their ideas, take risks, and admit

3. Purpose

Are all levels throughout the organization aligned with the same purpose?

Purpose establishes your organization’s core reason for existence (aside from making a profit). A clear and meaningful purpose helps guide the organization toward its mission, drives culture, empowers employees, and attracts customers.

Let’s be real. This isn’t new information, just a reminder that culture plays a vital role in the health and success of an organization. A healthy culture leads to engaged and retained employees, customer satisfaction, and an increase in business performance.

Would your organization benefit from a deeper cultural health assessment?

Contact Lakeside HR Group today to learn more about how we can partner to assess your organization’s culture and quickly identify strategies to influence and drive positive change. Our small, but mighty firm delivers HR consulting and recruiting services with accountability, integrity and contagious energy & enthusiasm.

Want to learn more on your own? We love Daniel Coyle’s book, Culture Code, check it out!

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