A Proactive Approach to Talent Acquisition When Payroll Budgets are Tight – “Be Ready to Be Ready!”

Lakeside HR Group lives by the mantra, “Be Ready to Be Ready!” This guiding principle rings true year-round but becomes especially crucial as we approach the end of another calendar year. When payroll budgets tighten and strategic plans are finalized, it’s common for companies to initiate hiring freezes, temporarily setting talent acquisition on the back burner.

However, we’re here to shout from the rooftop that there’s never a time when an organization should stop thinking about its people. In fact, being proactive and well-prepared as it relates to hiring and talent acquisition is imperative for any organization throughout the year.

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Here are 6 of our favorite talent acquisition tips to help you stay prepared and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of your workforce, regardless of your current payroll budget:

1. Build a Talent Pool

Continuously be on the lookout for potential candidates, even in the absence of immediate job openings. Create a talent pool of pre-qualified individuals to tap into when positions become available.

2. Create a Formal Recruitment Process

Establish a recruitment process to address the ever-changing needs of your department or organization. Do you have the necessary processes, tools, and/or people to handle recruitment? (Keeping in mind that everyone has a stake in recruitment.)

*Sidebar. Your company may not have this expertise or bandwidth. That’s when looking at outsourcing recruitment or even certain human resources functions could be the answer.

3. Implement an Employee Referral Process

Leverage the power of employee referrals. This can be powerful. These referrals are a direct endorsement of your organization and lead to candidates who are a good cultural fit and have a higher likelihood of success within your organization.

4. Map Skills and Competencies for Each Role

So, there’s a hiring freeze, or hiring budgets are constrained. Take the opportunity to define the skills and competencies required for current and future roles within your organization. This is a top question Lakeside recruiters ask when working with a client—knowing this information better defines how to find the right candidates when job openings come up.

5. Network and Stay Connected

Build relationships and expand your network with potential candidates by attending industry events, utilizing your organization’s social media networks, and participating in conferences. Continuously meet and engage with new people.

6. Define Retention and Talent Management Strategies

Together with talent acquisition efforts, invest in training and development for existing employees to help them meet the evolving demands of their roles. This can potentially reduce the urgency or need to hire externally. Conduct succession planning to identify potential future leaders within your organization and create development plans to prepare them for leadership roles.

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Our devoted and experienced professionals specialize in dynamic HR and nationwide talent acquisition services for small and mid-sized businesses.

By adopting a “be ready to be ready” people strategy, your organization can remain agile, adapt to changing circumstances, and be well-prepared to attract and onboard top talent when opportunities arise. It’s about fostering a culture of continuous talent readiness.

Lakeside HR Group has two divisions with expertise to help you with all your people strategies.

Lakeside Recruiting

Lakeside Recruiting specializes in recruitment across all industries, positions, and states throughout the U.S. We work closely with every client to secure top-notch candidates for open positions and will help you create a streamlined recruitment strategy.

Lakeside HR Consulting

Lakeside HR Consulting partners with clients to enhance their HR functions and help them unlock their employees’ potential for mutual success.

When you partner with Lakeside HR Group, you’ll have a dedicated partner offering personalized and efficient services. Building long-lasting relationships is at the heart of what we do, fostering trust, repeat collaborations, and ongoing success. Get in touch with us today to either begin, continue, or enhance your people strategies!

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