Strategic planning can be a daunting task for any organization, and for small to mid-sized businesses, this can be magnified without dedicated representation for the people of your organization.

Human Resources (HR) should always be a partner when setting workforce expectations.

Why? Because HR’s primary role is to ensure your people are prepared and engaged to support overall strategies.

HR acts as the thread that connects workforce capabilities with organizational strategies, ensuring the smooth execution of plans and contributing to long-term business success.

For small business owners, the absence of a dedicated strategic “people” partner can pose challenges. If you’re looking to build your HR team, need assistance with leadership transitions, or require additional HR support, an external HR partner could be a viable solution.

According to Forbes Advisor, various statistics highlight the importance of HR in today’s strategic business landscape:

  • 30% of new hires leave within 90 days, citing reasons such as unmet expectations, specific incidents, and mismatched company culture.
  • 36% of HR leaders lack the resources to recruit top talent, making talent acquisition challenging.
  • 88% of employees believe they lack a good onboarding program, emphasizing the need for a more creative and in-depth approach.

Embracing HR as an integral part of the strategic planning process ensures an organization remains nimble and fosters a supportive environment for employees to thrive and be their best.

Connecting Workforce Capabilities with Strategic Planning
5 Areas to Focus:

1. Organizational Strategy

An organization should have a thoughtful and forward-looking organizational design strategy that helps it adapt proactively to business challenges and changing budgets.

2. People

Ensure the right people fill the right positions. Then ensure training, development materials, diversity and inclusion policies, and performance management programs are in place.

3. HR Tech & Systems

Leverage HR solutions to stay ahead in terms of efficiency, data management, and employee experience.

4. Culture

Culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the identity, values, and overall environment of a business. You can foster an engaging and inclusive culture through well-defined policies and effective communication channels.

5. Compliance

HR policies focus on legal compliance, health, safety, and ethical practices. By staying informed of industry regulations, an organization can establish people frameworks that ensure ethical and lawful operations.

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