Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a time to recognize the moms in our lives, the sacrifices they make and the work that it takes to get it all done.

The title of “working mom” albeit redundant, is defined as a mom that has a paid job in addition to their maternal role. Working moms often juggle multiple responsibilities while striving to find a work-life balance.

Supporting Work-Life Balance for Moms

Ways Employers Are Supporting Working Moms in 2024

After the pandemic-induced ‘she-cession,’ many employers are finding ways to support moms in the workforce. They’re improving employee benefits, including health insurance, professional development programs, parental leave/PTO policies, and lactation stations.

The Best States For Working Moms

WalletHub recently ranked the best states for working moms based on criteria like childcare costs, gender pay gap, and parental leave policies.

Minnesota ranked 5th overall but 16th for work-life balance. Similarly, the 2023 Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership shows stagnant growth in women’s board member seats and CEO roles over the past five years.

Work Life Balance for Moms: Recent Trends and Statistics

In our May Lakeside Chat: “Moms at Work” webinar, we’ll discuss how forward-thinking organizations are championing mom-inclusive workforces and look at recent statistic and trends surrounding moms at work. Panelist Tricia Dege from Mom Mastermind highlights:

  • Only 1 in 7 executive leadership positions in corporate America are held by women, with a 17:1 ratio at the CEO position.
  • Since 2020, 3.5 million women left the workforce, with 86% being mothers.
  • 1 in 3 women still in the workforce are considering leaving or slowing their careers.
Moms At Work Lakeside Chats Event

Join the May Lakeside Chat: Moms at Work, to hear from Dege, Mary Kay Ziniewicz of Bus Stop Mamas, and Angela Christman of Merevie as we discuss the work-life conundrum for working mothers.

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